Това е българският фенклуб на FT Island. Регистрацията е свободна. Моля, избягвайте имената на корейски и други звезди при избора си на юзърнейм.
Добре дошли в Primadonna Bulgaria!

This is bulgarian fanclub of korean band FT Island. The registration is free. Please, don't use names of korean and other stars in your User Names.
Welcome in Primadonna Bulgaria!

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This is me

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1default This is me on 24/10/2010, 02:41


This is the place where the primadonnas are allowed to upload thеir photos. The max. per prima is 5.
It is advisable to upload the photos first in imageshack or a similar site.
You also can find the bg prims here: click

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